The human factor in your business


Our services are modulated. You can come to us for anything from full agency services concerning supplies, ship and crew to specific services during ship visits.

MPA strives to make business personal. The keywords for that are “attention” and “involvement”. Our employees arrange your business concerning port agencies, crew management, and crew changes in a personal, proactive way. Linked to up-to- date knowledge and experience results in guaranteed alert, optimal, and flexible services.

We are not only hired by shipping companies, crew managers, and ship managers, but also increasingly by banks that finance ships. Since they are the mortgage lenders, they can recover ships and sell them to another party in case of bankruptcy. For settling a number of practical issues concerning payment, salaries, supplies, and imposing ships, the bank commissions the curator to contact MPA. These cases, too, are marked for MPA by human involvement and a solution- oriented approach. MPA not only is a good partner for operational affairs, but also on an advisory level.

Service overview:

  • Crew logistic services (full crewchange handling)
  • Visa- Embassy Service
  • Port Agency (Owners/Husbandry/Charterers)
  • Crew medical intervention and inspection (Alcohol/drugs test)
  • Layup services
  • Dutch Flagstate Services
  • Spare parts handling/storage and safety workingclothes

MPA's strengths

Good organisation and communication
Everything in one hand
Price clarity
Direct and solution-oriented
The right price-performance ratio

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